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Managing your portfolio has never been this easy.

Whiteloupe is built on top of the Osmek CMS, which features a suite of tools that make managing images easier than ever.

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Advanced Image Handling

Automatic resize & croping ensures that your images fit where they’re supposed to.

Lanczos resize filtering ensures sharpness and clarity from the smallest to the largest.

Batch Upload & Multi-tasking

Upload all your images at once. Select from multiple folders. Work on your album information, resize & crop thumbnails, and set options, all while you wait.

Resize & Crop

Upload all your images just as they are, then resize and crop them to look just as great as thumbnails as they do at full size. All right from within the CMS.

Drag & Drop Sorting

Sort your albums and images all with the drag of a mouse, just like pushing prints around on a table.