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My name is Matthew Bernard Jr. While mainstream media highlights bad news most of the time, I have built this portal to promote heartwarming news, which demonstrate that technology goes way beyond entertainment, and can actually fulfill many of our pressing needs. So, enjoy your stay here, and if you've got a positive story that would fit this site, be sure to contact me.


Renewables installed capacity grows

According to Irena, the global installed renewables capacity has been steadily increasing by 8-9% each year.


We're getting smarter

More tech discoveries were made in the 20th and 21st century than in all human history.


More people have Internet access

According to Internet World Stats, there are over 4.2 billion Internet users in the entire world.

genomic dnaNovel microfluidic approach barcodes amplified genomic DNA

Mission Bio, an innovative company which helps researchers unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development and delivery of precision medicine, has developed a novel microfluidic approach that barcodes amplified genomic DNA from thousands of individual cancer cells confined to droplets.

The method enables rapid, cost-effective targeted genome sequencing of thousands of tumor cells in parallel, a procedure that is not feasible by making use of the existing technologies. According to Charlie Silver, CEO of Mission Bio, their Tapestri Platform can track every mutation at cellular level, allowing doctors to prescribe the most effective cancer treatments.


data protectionThe Data Care Act will hold companies responsible for our private data

Did you know that anytime you visit one of the popular social media platforms, you give away a lot of personal info? Most websites will track your location, for example. Other companies use retargeting pixels to track your site browsing history, and then try to sell you their products by displaying ads that seem (and actually are!) designed in a way that entices you to pull out the credit card. And I could go on and on...

Europeans are ahead of us with their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws, but the Data Care Act, a bill that was recently proposed by Senator Brian Schatz and 14 of his colleagues, establishes a set of data protection rules that will prevent companies from gathering our data, and then disclosing or selling it to others.


antennaData Alliance helps sailors boost Wi-Fi connectivity on board

People who have tried to connect their devices to the yacht club's hotspot know that it's not possible to do that, unless you're really close to the shore. And even if this works, signal quality is very poor and you will get disconnected from the network every few minutes.

Fortunately, Data Alliance has come to rescue with its new generation of amplified Wi-Fi cards. The most recent version of its Alfa cards can broadcast wireless signals that have a radio power of up to 1,000 milliwatts. Practical Sailor has written a detailed article which shows how you can build a long-range wireless system for under $100.


constructionCove Tool Inc. plans to solve serious climate change issues

The team that is "committed to fighting climate change one building at a time" has built a platform which helps architects discover ways to make their buildings compliant with all the energy efficiency requirements – and more!

The software asks its users details about the size of the building, its location, number of windows, doors, and so on, and then analyzes it, generating an energy performance model that includes lots of practical suggestions. This makes it much easier for architects and contractors to design cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings.




Positive IoT use cases

in the healthcare industry

Internet of Things has been recently adopted by the healthcare industry, and it has already proven its utility. Here are a few significant use cases.


Hospitals use Internet of Things devices for remote health monitoring.



Medical Hardware Alerts

IoT devices monitor critical medical devices and send alerts when needed.



Medical facilities use IoT devices to track staff members and patients.